Educational Assistance

Educational Assistance

About CEO

Ms. Julia Hardeman-Tsadick

Under the Direction of Ms. Julia Hardeman-Tsadick, Chief Executive Officer, Educational Assistance, has provided consultative services since 2001.

Educational Assistance serves youth, families, schools, churches, and government agencies. Educational, social/emotional, and behavioral services have been provided to youth and families, in both public and charter schools through after-care programs, private agencies, Group Homes, Juvenile Detention Center, County-based programs, Families seeking consultative services for youth, and community presentations.

Our Services

Counseling for individuals and small groups, for students with an Individualized Educational Plan, (I.E.P), or, Student Support Plans, Grief, Friendship, Depression, Social Anxiety, and Behavioral concerns.

Conduct Psychological evaluations , review and interpret psychological reports, consultation regarding student's progress and assist in determining when a psychological is needed .


Social skills Counseling for students experiencing the effects of Autism and Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder, Employment Skills Building, Job readiness, Academic skills building, and Life skills.


Ms. Tsadick was a great help. She took time to explain my child’s diagnosis in more detail. Her direction and advice helped me to get the continued help she needed. I feel more confident that my daughter will receive the education she needs before she graduates.



Ms. Hardeman-Tsadick has been the strongest influence in my life. I would not be where I am in my life, if it were not for her. I met her while attending high school, at a time when not much was going well. Through her mentorship, I was able to gain significant life skills and learned how to set and achieve personal goals, the importance of self-care, the confidence to face major life challenges, and methods to maintain self-esteem. Life enriching experiences I have known through her mentoring have also contributed to the many educational successes I have known with my own children. I acknowledge her as a “real life Super-Woman.



Ms. Hardeman-Tsadick provided social skills counseling for my son, who experiences the challenges associated with Autism. Through the services she provided, I saw him grow socially. His social communication improved when he engages people in public places. He was more comfortable asking for services or assistance. He presented with more confidence and self-assured behavior. In public settings he was able to express himself and address his needs with confidence.



Our Partners

Providing consultative services for building and organizing financial affairs.

Hardeman and Associates

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Community Affiliations

Ms. Hardeman-Tsadick has membership in the nonprofit, youth focused organization, The Top Ladies of Distinction of Prince Georges County, and has held the office of NAACP Committee Chairperson. She is currently on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Open My Heart Foundation, which serves and supports survivors and thrivers of heart ailments. She is a member of the Maryland Association of School Psychologist., and the National Association of School Psychologist. Ms. Hardeman-Tsadick held the Vice President of Membership with the District of Columbia Association of School Psychologist. She held the position of President, Vice President and Secretary of The Overlook Homeowners Association.